FREE CLASSES ON ZOOM text 07 970 423 630 for details

FREE CLASSES ON ZOOM text 07 970 423 630 for details

FREE CLASSES ON ZOOM text 07 970 423 630 for details FREE CLASSES ON ZOOM text 07 970 423 630 for details
Yoga St Giles Church Hall

 07 970 423 630

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No need to book except first class mats bands provided


Most group classes £5 per class. JLR Staff FREE ELS funding available.

Every Monday 

St Giles Church 

Church Road


B26 3TT

Every Monday 

Lyndon Methodist Church

Melton Avenue


B92 7QS

Every Tuesday

Marston Green Parish Hall

(next to St Leonard’s Church)

Elmdon Road

Marston Green

B37 7BT


Forest Of Arden Hotel, and Leisure Club.

Maxstoke Lane, Meriden,



Every Tuesday  12:00 to 13:30

£7.50 due to class being 1.5 hours  extra £2.50 to  use all of the facilities, cardio suite, free weights, gyms, swimming pool, sauna, steam room.


Wednesdays 18:00 to 19:00

St Peters Church Hall 

Haywood Road

Tile Cross

B33 0LH

Thursdays at  Church Hall Digbeth in the Field Pre School/Nursery/Church Moat Lane,  Sheldon B26 1TW. 

Private lessons, one to one, or small groups, £50 per hour, have a class bespoke to your one to one needs, or a small group of your friends and/or family or your workforce.

Yoga at your workplace, get your manager/company to pay for me to do Yoga at your work. School/Office/Hospital/Police Station/University Staff.

Children's Yoga Classes at Schools, or family Yoga at your home. 

I hold a current CRB Certifcate and I am in my 34th year with West Midlands Police.

References can be obtained from WMP, Lyndon Green School, St Albans School, and Oasis Academy Hobmoor Road, where I already teach 7 classes per week in the schools term time.

Every class equipment provided.

Mats, blocks, resistance bands.

Frequently asked questions.

Question. Do I need to book.

Answer. No.

Question. How does Yoga improve your body/mind/life?

Answer, Yoga makes you more flexible, it improves your balance, it tones and develops muscles. In addition there is a huge amount research that has scientifically proven that yoga, even one class a week lowers risk of heart disease, and certain cancers. Yoga will give you an improved mood, better sleep,  and better thinking. Yoga may help with weight loss. If you are sceptical of all these benefits then google "how does yoga improve your body".  

Question. What type of Yoga is it?

I do not limit myself to one style of Yoga

Answer. If you wanted to label my class it would be a fusion of the following styles:

Anusara, Hatha, Slow Flow Modified Ashtanga, Sivannanda, Viniyoga, Vinyasa/Power, Scala, Yin.

If I had to choose 3 phrases, simple but challenging, easy to follow, but not necessarily easy to do.


Question. Is class suitable for beginners?

Answer. Yes, even if you have never done Yoga before you will be able to do my class. 

Question. I am not bendy, so, would I be able to do the class?

Answer.  Yes, I will give you a very, very, easy option, a very easy option,  an easy option, an intermediate option and an advanced option.

Question. What do I wear?

Answer. Normal clothes for the Gym, shorts, track suit bottoms, leggings, and a T shirt/polo shirt.

Ideally a base layer, then mid-layer, then a jacket to put on during relaxation. 

Your base layer and mid-layer should be wicking fabrics. These are modern technical fabrics which draw moisture away from the body. They are made of high tech polyester, which unlike cotton absorbs very little water. Cotton will absorb 7% of its weight in water. Some people refer to wicking fabrics as being "breathable" that is they let air in and sweat out.

Bare foot is best, but if you want to wear socks, or trainers no problem. Yoga socks with very small rubber dimples for extra grip are fantastic. 

Question.  Is it a mixed class?

Answer.  Yes, but you can hide at the back of the class if you want to, and at St Giles and Lyndon Green, the back of the class is quite dark!

Question .I am afraid I will look stupid as I wont be able to do most of the poses how easy are the easy poses?

Answer  Very easy, at your first class go to the back and  if after 10/15  minutes you decide my class is to difficult then just give me a wave and leave the room no problem and I will refund £5. 

Or have a trial one to one class £50 which includes 10 class pass so you get your £50 back !

Q uestion. Do you play music?

Answer.  Yes I believe its nice to have some music playing very  quietly in the background on a quality speaker (no pan pipes or whales). My playlist includes, London Grammar, Thomas Newman, Groove Armada, Ibizarre, Utopia, Moby, Novio, Massive Attack.

Question.  I went to a Yoga Class a few minutes late, and  the teacher would not let me in!

If I am late can I still  come in? 

Answer. Of course you can, even if you are 10 or 15 minutes late.

It's nice to arrive 10 minutes early and settle in, but sometimes with jobs, commitments, traffic, being a bit late OCCASIONALLY is OK, its sometimes unavoidable in this busy modern world.

Question. I did a Yoga Class once and I ached for days, so I never went back, will your class potentially do the same?

Answer.  I pride myself in saying to new students "take it  easy, don't force anything, listen to your body. Pick the easy option for  a few weeks then build on your practice slowly, carefully and  mindfully."  However, the way Yoga improves your  body is the same as many other forms of exercise. You  may experience  what Physiotherapists call delayed onset muscle soreness/stiffness  (DOMS) its nothing to be worried about. You may be a little stiff for  one or two days.

Question Is there any religious element to the class?

Answer, no, all faiths welcome.

Question. I have high blood pressure I have been told to avoid inversions what is your opinion?

I am not a medical expert however my Yoga training course advice is avoid inversions with high blood pressure/menstruation. As always consult your Doctor, or in the modern world "google it".


Question. I have a "bad back" should I do Yoga?

Answer.  For 90% of people with "back issues" Yoga, practised carefully is good for them and helps manage the problem. However, it depends how bad your back is. 

Give, me a call to discuss, anytime.

Also become more knowledgeable about your body, especially your spine by reading anything written by the well respected Physiotherapist Sarah KEY eg "Back In Action", "Keep Your Joints Young" try a fantastic second hand book website called abebooks. It's like ebay but just sells books. Click on the link below.

**********FREE OFFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS****************

Only your first class with me, if you have attended other venues, then the free class does not apply so If you have attended my classes at David Lloyd, Bannatynes,  Forest Of Arden, Fitness First, Energie, Village Hotel, Hampton Gym, then free trial class does not apply. 

Free trial, only at Marston Green, and Lyndon Methodist Church.

 FREE CLASS TO ALL WMP  STAFF PC, DC , PSI, PSIO, front office staff SOCO,  etc..

 FREE trial class.

You must book by phoning me,  or send a text just saying “Hi Chris can I have a free trial class  on............................”

You can bring a friend free .

If you have a Free Trial business Card once you have used it then please pass it on 

as a gift of a free trial Yoga class.


Yoga will improve your body.

Yoga will improve your body, mind, and soul.


Yoga will make your life better.

Best value for money Yoga in The West Midlands.


Contact Us

Drop me a Line!

Any questions give me a call anytime or come and see me for a chat.

 Just  let me know in advance and turn up at one of the venues 15 minutes  early and we can have a chat. Also at Sheldon, Marston Green, and Solihull, you can  observe a class or part of a class at no cost. 

Mobile 07 970 423 630

07 970 423 630


18:00 – 19:00


10:00 – 11:00


18:00 – 20:30


18:30 – 19:30